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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional singer?

Would you like to improve your performance skills?

Would you like to overcome stage fright?

Would you like to know how to earn money performing?

Do you have what it takes to live your dreams?

If you do then...

The Sing VC Membership Course Is For You!



Hi I’m Kathy Bee.

I am a professional, award-winning, singer/songwriter. I’ve been in the business for over 30 years and in all aspects of the music business.

From being a recording artists, to performing in concerts and live stage shows, hosting and producing TV shows, and being musical theater playwright, has afforded me a wealth of information that I can now share with others, thanks to the miracle of the Internet.

I have developed a new approach to singing and talent improvement, called the Sing VC Vocal Coach. This program is perfect for beginners and people who are already professional singers. Not only will it be teaching you the basics, you will also learn a wealth of tips and “Industry Secrets”.

The Sing VC Vocal Coach is a new membership site that includes:


  • Discovering your talents
  • How to stay healthy
  • Strengthening your diaphragm
  • Vocal exercises
  • Staying in tune
  • Singing harmonies
  • Song development
  • Dealing with performance anxieties (Stage Fright)
  • The music business
  • Plus much more

We will also be conducting contests, webinars, giving you updates about the music industry, and resources that you can use for improving your skills. And the best part is you get all this for less than a cup of coffee…all for only $1.00 a day.

By joining the Sing VC Vocal Coach Membership you will have everything you need to enhance your vocal abilities. Since this is a membership site, you will also have access to the membership site whenever you have the time to utilize these valuable tools.

If you are not fully satisfied you can cancel if any time. You have my personal guarantee.
Just scroll down the page and join us today!

Learn Secrets Shared By The Professional Singers

Yes! For Free...for one month I want to have full access to all of the information on the How To Sing Like Pro. I realize that professional lessons can cost up to $60 – $100 per 1/2 hour per session.

I will have ongoing access to vocal lessons and training at my convenience.


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